Critical Acclaim for The Torn Messiah

torn messiah

What the Critics Say About Yvonne Fein’s THE TORN MESSIAH
(Hybrid Publishers, 2008)

‘A gripping psychological thriller with a unique difference… a page-turner from beginning to end.’                                                                      Tim Thatcher, Producer: MTV and Channel 9

‘I couldn’t put the book down. Fein writes with such vividness that her characters come to life in a really visual way…. This novel is for anyone who has ever questioned religion or the authorities that disseminate it, but also for anyone ever caught up in the charisma of a teacher, politician, or religious leader.
Jeremy Weinstein, Filmmaker

A book for anyone who’s ever been in a cult. Or even just whacked over the knuckles by and angry rabbi with a ruler.
John Safran, Media Personality

Contact Yvonne at fradl[at]ozemail[dot]com[dot]au


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